The BMS encourages students (both in Phase I and Phase II) to attend mathematical conferences! To help you do so, the BMS will cover registration fees and travel costs for one conference over the course of Phase I, and one conference per year during Phase II.

The BMS funds trips to conferences if students contribute to the conference by giving a talk, presenting a poster or similar activities. If you are just attending the conference without any contribution, the BMS requires a letter of support from your advisor (Phase I) or supervisor (Phase II).

However, funding is not guaranteed, a final decision will depend on the annual BMS travel budget. The reimbursement will be restricted to travel tickets, accommodation for the duration of the conference and conference fees if applicable. The BMS is not able to pay a daily allowance (Tagegeld).

The BMS asks students who receive funding to include the BMS logo on their presentation slides, or posters. Please also use the conferences as an opportunity to present the BMS.

For more information concerning travel funding and reimbursement, please contact Annika Preuß-Vermeulen.

If you only require reimbursement for a conference fee, you do not need to go through the procedure outlined below but simply submit a letter with your details asking for reimbursement together with the receipt of the conference fee and your participation certificate. Please contact Annika in these cases as well.


Procedure for the Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

Before your trip

- Download these detailed instructions in English.
- Download an "Application for conducting travel by non-TU personnel" (German version). (Guide on how to fill out the form)
If you are employed at the TU Berlin, please use this application form for TU personnel: "Application for official travel" (German version)
- Ask your Phase I advisor or PhD supervisor to send an email supporting your trip to Annika Preuß-Vermeulen.
- You need to hand in the application form with all the relevant documents at least 2 weeks before your departure date. You will then receive 80% of your anticipated costs as an advance payment. You can no longer hand in the application after your trip!.

- If you are employed at the TU Berlin, you need to use the application form for TU-personnel, provide your personnel number and your supervisor needs to sign it at the bottom left.
(Please note: a private stay/holiday added to the conference trip may be no longer than five consecutive days.)

After your trip

- Download a "CLAIM for travel expenses" (German version). 
- Download a "FORM for travel expenses" (German version). (Guide on how to fill out the form)
- Submit all documents, tickets, receipts, boarding passes etc. to Annika Preuß-Vermeulen.
- You need to hand in these forms at the latest 5 months after your trip otherwise you will not receive a reimbursement and have to pay back the advance payment.

- After your travel cost reimbursement has been processed by the TU, you will receive a formal letter informing you about the amount you will get reimbursed or asking you to pay back part of your advance payment. You need to read this letter! If there is something in there, you do not understand, please contact Annika Preuß-Vermeulen.


A few requests for submitting your documents:

Please sign your invoices with some space around your signature as we need to put a stamp above your signature that says "This is an online original invoice..."

Please do not staple anything. Every single staple needs to be reomved for copying.

Please tape smaller invoices or boarding passes to scrap paper so they do not get lost and can be copied easier.

Please print double sided if possible and only the relevant pages so as to waste as little paper as possible. E-Mail confirmations or e-tickets often contain several pages of advertisments that do not need to be printed.