We, the BMS student representatives, have two main tasks:

We serve as a contact between the BMS students and the BMS administration and we help BMS students to connect with each other.

We are elected for a one year term each December. We represent BMS students on various official committees. We can voice students' concerns and suggestions there, when needed. We try our best to notice such needs and organise an annual survey of BMS students with this purpose in mind. However, if you have any questions, concerns or improvement suggestions, please don’t wait for the official survey, just contact us!

To help BMS students get to know each other and provide opportunities for networking,

  • we organize social events,
  • we run a peer-mentoring program,
  • we connect new students with those of the similar academic interests,
  • we organize a Career Day with BMS alumni once a year.

Last but not least, we organize the annual BMS student conference at the end of the winter semester (right after the BMS Days).

If you would like to know more, share some ideas with us, or have questions about anything, please contact us at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sophia, Apratim, Fawzy, Lea and Bálint


  Sophia Bugarija  

HU, Phase I

  Apratim Choudhury 

HU, Phase I

  Fawzy Hegab  

HU, Phase II

  Lea Strubberg  

TU, Phase II

  Bálint Zsigri  

FU, Phase I