Since January 2019, the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) has been part of the Cluster of Excellence MATH+All members of the BMS are automatically members of MATH+ and vice versa.

The MATH+ Faculty includes a great number of scientists from all three Berlin universities, ZIB and WIAS as well as other participating institutions such as the University of Potsdam. Faculty members are active in teaching BMS courses, advising, mentoring, organizing and contributing to the BMS in various ways. Please note that only MATH+ members affiliated with one of the mathematics institutes (incl. WIAS and ZIB) can act as BMS Phase I advisors, PhD supervisors or mentors.

List of Faculty members.


Guest Faculty
The Guest Faculty consists of Einstein Visiting Fellows and MATH+ (Distinguished) Visiting Scholars.

Former BMS guests from before 2019, e.g., BMS Substitute Professors, are listed here.


Postdocs and Scientists
The MATH+ Postdocs and Scientists are researchers holding at least a doctorate degree; they come from all levels of the academic career: from fresh out of grad school up to senior researchers with permanent positions.


Dirichlet Postdocs 
The Dirichlet Postdoctoral Program is open to early-stage postdoctoral researchers from around the world across all mathematical fields. MATH+ and the BMS support their development into independent researchers, while helping them to to further qualify themselves for their future careers and gain international visibility.



Ralf Kornhuber © Kay Herschelmann/BMS          Jürg Kramer, Michael Joswig and Anna von Pippich © Kay Herschelmann/BMS          Holger Reich @ Kay Herschelmann/BMS