How does it work?

To reimburse your travel and/ or accomodation costs, the BMS must follow strict laws. It is therefore necessary that you make price comparisons before booking your flight or hotel. A simple screenshot of a comparison website will suffice.
If you are combining your trip to Berlin with a private vacation, you must inform the BMS immediately and provide relevant price comparisons for the actual (incl. vacation) and hypothetical (excl. vacation) travel dates.

The BMS will set up a reimbursement contract for you. For this purpose you will need to provide the BMS with the following data at least two weeks before your trip to Berlin:

- name and date of birth

- private address

- bank account data

- German tax ID (only German residents)

- amount of reimbursement (proven by tickets or reservations)

Before sending your bank account data, please make sure this is the exact information a German bank needs to transfer money to your account. Please speak to your bank if you are unsure. It is not possible to pay your reimbursement in cash, unfortunately.

The BMS will need the following documents to reimburse your travel costs:

- your signed reimbursement contract

- original invoice (e.g. flight ticket or hotel invoice)

- boarding passes (if you are asking for reimbursement of flight tickets)

- price comparisons

The BMS will print the reimbursement contract and bring it to the event for you to sign.

If you only have your invoices, tickets or boarding passes as online files (e.g. emails or pdf), you must print and sign all of them. Your signature will indicate to our finance department that you confirm that this document is the original. Non-compliance may lead to significant delays or even a denial of your travel reimbursement.

You can submit all documents to the BMS in person while in Berlin or send them via postal mail after you return home from your trip to the following address:

Berlin Mathematical School
MA 2-2
Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 136
10623 Berlin