Martha Nansubuga,
BMS Phase II Student,
MSc Humboldt University of Berlin, 
MSc University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Under Norweign Masters Program (NOMA), Tanzania; 
BSc Makerere University (MUK), Uganda

 I heard about the BMS for the first time in 2016 at the African Institute for Mathematical science (AIMS) Tanzania where I was working as a tutor. I started looking for more information about the BMS and the research training areas and got fascinated with the stochastics and mathematical finance area, because it was always my area of interest when pursuing my MSc at University of Dar es Salaam under the Norweign Masters Program (NOMA).

In winter 2017, I joined the BMS for Phase I. Moving to a new country is always a challenge, but with the BMS One-Stop Office the transition was smoother than I had expected. I received a BMS booklet (guidebook) before my arrival in Berlin and I immediately applied for accommodation, made good use of the help from my BMS buddy, read every detail in the book and when reaching Berlin the paperwork was easy and very fast for me.

Being part of the BMS has been a wonderful experience. BMS offers a lot more than just an excellent education. Thanks to the BMS buddy program, I was assigned a buddy who was always happy to offer help whenever I needed it. With the mentoring program, my Phase I advisor/ mentor provided guidance and advice throughout Phase I, created a conducive atmosphere where I was free to discuss my personal and academic challenges, and additional support was offered by BMS where necessary. Among the soft-skills seminars offered, I took the one called “Success Team”. This was so helpful in self-evaluation towards accomplishing my tasks, providing emotional support especially when I lost my mother. I felt like having another family in Berlin. During the “What is...?” seminars, topics from all over the mathematical spectrum are introduced by and for the students. I have also taken part in alumni events, through which we hear about possible career options, board games and many other social events organized by students, where we get a chance to get to know each other.

With regard to mathematics and science, the mathematical landscape is remarkably diverse and rich due to the three major universities and various research institutes in Berlin. The courses I took in my Phase I have deepened my knowledge of my field of work. I do not regret the decision of joining Phase I, it has been beneficial to me.

With support from the DAAD-funded program “Berlin-AIMS Network in Stochastic Analysis” I visited the AIMS Institute of Ghana to attend seminars and also give a one-hour presentation about the BMS (BMS at AIMS in Ghana).

I am now in Phase II working in the area of stochastics and mathematical finance. After all these years I can tell that this was the right choice for me. Being part of the BMS has made me see the great beauty of science.

Published in August 2021