Applied Analysis for Materials

25 August - 5 September 2014

This School is devoted to the mathematical modeling and analysis of various types of materials like solitons, inelastic solids, and more. The main weight is put on the foundations and description of methods and results from applied analysis that are used to describe these materials and their physical properties, which are essentially several types of partial differential equations. Phenomena like damages, viscosity, phase separation, waves and more are discussed. Mathematical topics covered comprise gradient flows, (stochastic) homogenisation, variational inequalities and much more. The speakers are well-known mathematicians working in applied fields.

The School is primarily aimed at graduate students, but also to postdocs, working in applied analysis or physics with strong mathematical flavour.

Speakers include:

Uwe Bandelow (WIAS): Basic equations of classical soliton theory: solutions and applications

Dietmar Hömberg (TU Berlin and WIAS): Optimal control and shape design problems in thermomechanics

Dorothee Knees (Uni Kassel): Evolutionary variational inequalities in the context of inelastic solids
The course is supported by Alexander Mielke's ERC grant AnaMultiScale.

Claude Le Bris (ENPC): Nonperiodic homogenization of elliptic equations: stochastic and deterministic approaches

Alexander Mielke (HU Berlin and WIAS): Multiscale modeling and evolutionary Gamma-convergence for gradient flows

Christoph Ortner (U Warwick): Atomistic/Continuum Multiscale Methods

Mark A. Peletier (TU Eindhoven): Stochastic origins of energies and gradient flows: a modelling guide

Barbara Wagner (TU Berlin and WIAS): Asymptotic analysis of interfacial evolution

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The movie "Colors of Math" will be presented by courtesy of the producer Ekaterina Eremenko (SFB Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics, TU Berlin).

There will be a farewell party with drinks and snacks on Thursday, 4 September 2014, in MA 209 starting at around 6.15pm.


Application is closed.

Submission Deadline: Monday, 30 June 2014.


Applications for funding have to include

- letter of motivation

- curriculum vitae

- budget plan for travel costs

Each text preferably no longer than one page.


Please direct scientific questions about the school to Wolfgang König and administrative questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Those participants who would like to reserve a room (shared double room) booked by the BMS, please register by no later than 20 June 2014.
Those participants who register after 20 June 2014 must book their own accommodation. Please note, that the BMS will cover costs up to 50 Euro per night only.