Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics,

September 20 - October 1, 2010

at TU Berlin

Organizers: Alexander Bobenko and Günter M. Ziegler

The summer school will give an introduction to Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics and explore the latest developments. The main idea is to find and investigate discrete models possessing characteristic properties and structures of the corresponding geometries and processes. A refining of a typical mesh size would lead to a conventional description via differential equations. One strives to assure that the qualitatively important characteristic features are captured already at the discrete level. The result is a fundamental mathematical theory which in principle incorporates the classical one in the continuous limit. Current progress in this field is to a large extent stimulated by its relevance for computer graphics and numerics.

Topics range from integrable discretizations, polyhedra and tilings to symplectic and variational integrators, discretization artefacts and applications.

It is aimed at graduate students in mathematics. Furthermore, postdocs and junior faculty are encouraged to attend.

For participants with children of up to 6 years, there will be day care opportunities.


More detailed information about the program is available HERE.

The application period ended on 19 July 2010. No further applications can be accepted!

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