Summer semester 2023

3 facets of gravity

May 8-12, 2023 at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

It consists of 3 mini-courses representing a selection of recent advances in the area of quantum gravity, both in mathematics and in theoretical physics. The school targets Phd students and postdocs in both fields (more advanced researchers are welcome to attend as well), and aims at encouraging different scientific communities to meet, interact, and grasp the (sometimes very diverse types of) techniques, results and questions in other communities concerned with quantum gravity, and which are of broader relevance in mathematical physics.

Each mini course is ~8h and includes an exercise session:
- Jan Ambjorn & Timothy Budd : Random geometry in the path integral approach to quantum gravity
- Kasia Rejzner & Michele Schiavina : Effective BV quantisation of gravity with and without boundary
- Remi Rhodes & Vincent Vargas: Liouville quantum gravity and the conformal bootstrap

A poster session, where young participants can present their research, will be organised early in the week to facilitate scientific interactions between the participants. If you want to present a poster, please indicate it with a tentative title in the registration form.

We ask everybody (including locals) interested to attend the school to register on the website (where more details on the school are posted). Some funding is available, with priority to support young participants who cannot be funded by their institution or by a grant. If you want to apply for funding (partial or full), please indicate it in the registration form (deadline January 31st, 2023). We strongly wish to encourage the participation of young female researchers interested in the field.