Viazovska and audience © Kay Herschelmann/BMSAll MATH+ Friday colloquia in the winter semester 2021/22 will be held online via zoom.
Invitations with the zoom link are sent out to MATH+ members and Berlin Institutes of Mathematics one week before the colloquium.
If you would like to attend a colloquium and have not received the zoom link via our invitations, please contact us a few days before the lecture.
The colloquia and preceeding "What is...?" seminars will be recorded if the speaker agrees and published on the BMS Vimeo channel.
All MATH+ Friday speakers receive the "Friday wish list" written by the BMS students before their talk.

MATH+ Fridays and other events in the winter semester 2021/22:

TES tandem talks in the winter semester 2021/22 (in cooperation with the TES "Mathematics of Imaging on Real-World Challenges"):

TES tandem tutorials in the winter semester 2021/22 (in cooperation with the TES 
"Mathematics of Imaging on Real-World Challenges"):
For further seminars and colloquia, see also the Berlin-Potsdam Mathematics Calendar.

The MATH+ Fridays are usually preceded by the "What is...?" seminars organized by students for students.


What is the concept behind MATH+ Fridays?

The Friday colloquia represent a common meeting point for Berlin mathematics at Urania Berlin: a colloquium with broad emanation that permits an overview of large-scale connections and insights. In thematic series, the conversation is about “mathematics as a whole,” and we hope to be able to witness some breakthroughs. Hardly anyone knows that Grigory Perelman first presented his famous proof of the Poincaré Conjecture to the mathematical public in Berlin, at the PhD student seminar meeting of professors Huisken and Ecker at FU Berlin.

Behind the scenes at MATH+ Fridays, a number of seminars, workshops, courses, and conversation opportunities are on offer. For instance, the lunches prior to the “Sophia Kovalevskaya Colloquia” are a place to discuss the career paths of successful women in mathematics. Seminars and courses that BMS students can request will discuss such topics as presentation training, mathematical typography, library research, and writing style. For these, please have a look at our Academics page.

Hairer © Kay Herschelmann/BMS            Saint- Raymond © Kay Herschelmann/BMS           Audience © Charles Yunck