One day workshop on 10 October 2019, 10 am (sharp!) - 5:30 pm  
Trainer: Amanda Wichert

The training is mandatory for all new BMS students!

In this workshop, students will learn about the impact of culture and cultural differences on interactions in the workplace and beyond. We will explore the effects of cultural values on a variety of situations, including research projects, academic collaboration, and successful supervisor – student relationships, and develop strategies for navigating the challenges of cross-cultural exchanges.


The workshop is designed as an interactive learning environment. Content is science-based, and inputs are brief and built around student participation. Visuals are designed to catch attention and engage participants, not to overwhelm with text and data. In the workshop, we will take a closer look at the role cultural differences play in collaboration through large group games (exploring what happens when several cultures collide) and small-scale role play activities (exploring communication styles across cultures in pairs). We will also take a deeper look at cultural differences through the lens of a variety of real-life case studies from academia, research, and other relevant areas. In a hands-on small group setting, participants will analyze case studies and apply the intercultural skills they have just learned to develop strategies and design effective cross-cultural collaboration.


Building Cultural Awareness
• What is culture and what role does it play in the context of intercultural experiences (university, work, social life)?
• How does our cultural background affect our experiences and interactions?

Understanding Cultural Backgrounds
• What are the key cultural values that I might encounter in Germany?
• How do these specific cultural values influence behavior and expectations at university, in the workplace, and in social settings?
• How can I best understand my own cultural values?

Negotiating Cultural Differences
• How can I identify possible “culture clashes” and prepare for intercultural interactions in advance?
• How can I negotiate cultural differences successfully?

Understanding and Managing Transition Stressors
• What role does transition stress play in intercultural competency and how can I best prepare myself to limit the effect of potential stressors on my academic and personal success/on my collaboration with colleagues?

Cross-Cultural Creativity
• How can cultural differences bring positive benefits to workplaces (both academic and elsewhere), such as in problem-solving, and what is the best possible environment for fostering the positive aspects of intercultural collaboration? What are some of the typical roadblocks to positive benefits of intercultural collaboration in the workplace?