MATH+ is one of the official partners of the Young African Mathematicians (YAM) Fellowship Program which was initiated by the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics in Bonn.

The YAM network is a collaboration between...

- five AIMS centers in Cameroon, Senegal, Rwanda, Ghana and South Africa  

- and four German Clusters of Excellence with a focus on mathematics:

Universität Bonn

Universität Münster

Universität Heidelberg

FU Berlin, HU Berlin, TU Berlin, WIAS and ZIB

The mission of the YAM program is to provide fellowships for talented and motivated young African mathematicians at a master’s level who wish to gain research experience in a subject of their interest in mathematics. Through immersing themselves in the activities at one of the four German excellence clusters, students can profit from the high-quality international research environment of the host institution and ultimately increase their own network and their chances of applications to PhD programs in the Global North.

A YAM fellowship consists of:

  • a research visit of 9 months;
  • attending courses and participating in seminars;
  • working on a research project advised by a professor and to be integrated into the research group;
  • participating in two networking events of the YAM Network Germany (YAM Cohort Meet-Up in November/December and YAM Research Projects Showcase in May/June); 
  • a stipend covering travel, living and accommodation costs;
  • personal and practical support from the large YAM support system (made up of advisors, YAM coordinators, peers, and staff of each graduate school).

How to Apply

Current AIMS students at a master’s level and recent graduates with a strong academic record and serious interest in mathematical research are eligible to apply to the YAM Fellowship Program.

Applications should be submitted locally at the respective AIMS institute with an indication of the research area of interest.

As of 2023, the selection process consists of two steps:

- Step 1: Each AIMS center nominates 6 candidates – with a commitment to guarantee 50% of nominations from female applicants – in April 2023 and submits them to the YAM Program institutions (excellence clusters);

- Step 2: Each YAM host institution receives a shortlist of suitable candidates with an invitation to interview them and make a final decision by June 2023.

Each cluster can award up to three YAM Fellowships every year, and the selected YAM fellows can officially start their research experience by the beginning of the winter semester (October).

YAM Fellows 2023

Samantha Glory Guiate Simo (FU Berlin) from AIMS Cameroon
Wilson Tsuata (HU Berlin)  from AIMS Cameroon


Former and Current AIMS students within MATH+

The BMS as the graduate school of MATH+ boasts a long-standing relationship with the AIMS centers in Africa, and several BMS graduates and current students have an AIMS background.

Current AIMS students

Martha Nansubuga (BMS Phase II, HU Berlin) from AIMS Tanzania
Pierre Marie Ngougoue Ngougoue (BMS Phase I, TU Berlin) from AIMS Cameroon
Sorelle Murielle Toukam Tchoumegne (BMS Phase I, TU Berlin) from AIMS Ghana
Marwa Zainelabdeen Sedahmed Abdelhameed (BMS Phase II, FU Berlin/WIAS) from AIMS Tanzania

Some former AIMS students

Faniry Harijaona Razafindrazaka from AIMS South Africa
Klébert Kentia Tonleu from AIMS South Africa
Myriam Mahaman from AIMS South Africa
Ludovic Tangpi Ndounkeu from AIMS South Africa
Shimaa Yasser Ahmed Hanefy from AIMS South Africa