Planned soft-skills seminars in winter semester 2022/23

1) Intercultural training , 6 October (Thursday), webinar or seminar from 10am to 6pm, trainer: Konstanze Bittmann
The seminar is mandatory for our international BMS students, who started in the winter semester 2022/23. We strongly encourage our German BMS students, who startet in the winter semester 2022/23, to participate.

2) Good scientific practice (mandatory for BMS Phase II students, who started in the winter semester 2022/23), 19 & 20 October (Wednesday & Thursday), two days webinar or seminar from 9am to 4pm, trainer: Katarzyna Biernacka

3) Voice and speech (for all genders), 28 October & 9 December, two days seminar or webinar from 10am 5:30pm, trainer: Jane Bormeister

4) Resilience & well-being in academia, 11 & 25 November, two days webinar (each of the two Fridays from 9:30 am -12:30 noon), trainer: Desiree Dickerson