Planned soft-skills seminars in winter semester 2024/25

1) Intercultural training for new BMS students, mandatory for new international students (who will start in WS 2024/25).
One day seminar on Thursday, 10 October 2024, 10:00 am (sharp!) - 5:30 pm, at TU Berlin, room EB 323, Straße des 17. Juni 145, 10623 Berlin, 3rd floor, quite close to the BMS One-Stop Office
Trainer: Konstanze Bittmann

Whether it is in school, at university, or at work - intercultural communication has become imperative to a harmonious, supportive and effective experience for all. This workshop will provide a basic overview of intercultural communication theories such as cultural values, Hofstede's Onion Model or Cultural Fatigue) and show students and phd candidates how to recognize their own cultural identity and the way it influences their interactions with others.

Through self-inspection, exercises and tandem work we will launch rich group discussions and explore together, what is working or not for you when collaborating in a culturally diverse team. The aim of the workshop is to raise cultural awareness and learn about different perceptions and their cultural roots. Participants will gain a better understanding on German cultural patterns and common communication conventions, especially in the context of academia/ university. There will be plenty of time to address personal questions in case you just arrived in Germany for your studies.

- Short lectures/ trainer input
- Small-group work
- Plenum discussions
- Self-awareness exercises for introspection
- Tandem work
- Group games


2) Good scientific practice (GSP), mandatory* for new Phase II students (who will start in WS 2024/25), limited slots.
*according to the rules of the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/ German Research Foundation)
One day webinar on Thursday, 31 October 2024, 10am (sharp!) - 5:30pm
Trainer: Dr. Peter Schröder


● DFG recommendations on good scientific practice 

● History of good scientific practice 

● Rules & Regulations 

● Ethical considerations 

● Experiments involving humans 

● Experiments involving animals 

● Documentation 

● Intellectual property 

● Commitment to self-criticism


● Increase the awareness for good scientific practice 

● Integration of good scientific practice into daily work

● Prevent problems 

● Encourage problem solving


● 1 day workshop (8 UE) – online

● Workshop is based on the DFG recommendations on Good Scientific Practice and local guidelines

● Workshop will pick up existing problems and work on solutions

● Mixture of „ex-cathedra“ teaching, jointed and group phases will be used

● 8-14 Participants

● Workshop will be hold in English 

● Results of the workshop will be documented and circulated


3) Time and Self Management
One day seminar on Friday, 8 November 2024, 10:00 am (sharp!) - 5:30 pm, at TU Berlin, room: FH 1019 (for registered BMS students only!), @TU, Fraunhofer Str. 33-36, 10587 Berlin (10th floor).)
Trainer: Konstanze Bittmann

For scientific work it is essential to have a clear overview of your project and to plan your resources. This training supports participants in becoming familiar with self and time management techniques which will help them to stay focused and motivated. From overall milestones planning for your phd or master thesis, we will move into organizing your work week according to your milestones. In order to accomplish your goals you will identify your "time wasters", understand your own working patterns and learn how to monitor your priorities to make adjustments when needed.

A thorough pre-course questionnaire will show you areas of improvement in your self and time management. During the seminar we will alternate self-study/ self-exploration with small group or tandem reflections for each method introduced by the trainer. In order to gain the most from the training day, participants are required to bring their current to do list for their studies/ thesis.


4) Make an impact! Confident scientific communication: Body, voice, arguments (for women)
One day seminar on Friday, 22 November 2024, 10:00 am (sharp!) - 5:30 pm, at TU Berlin, room: FH 1018 (for registered BMS students only!), @TU, Fraunhofer Str. 33-36, 10587 Berlin (10th floor))
Trainer: Jane Bormeister

Science needs presenters who present their scientific topics in a self-confident manner. But how do I orally bring my content across to my audience in a convincing manner? How do I speak with power? How do I move, how do I structure my thoughts and how can I have fun when speaking in front of an audience?

In addition to content-related competence and subject-matter knowledge, the way of speaking is of particular importance: contents are conveyed through people, their voice, their body, their emotions.

Only what comes across will really reach your listeners.

And how you can bring your arguments across and use yourvoice, your body to achieve just this in a self-confident manner, we will train in this workshop. Speaking is fun. This is what we train.

And you are going to like this!

• Individual speaker analysis
• The first impression: how do I come across?
• IS-SHOULD status: body – voice – speech and presentation behaviour
• Voice Training, Body training
• Voice Training: make your power hearable
• Body/gestures training: make your power visible
• Statement-Technique: finding an answer to just any question?
• Free, spontaneous speaking training: Self-Confidence
• Basics and understanding of a “free presentation”
• Discussion with the audience
• Dealing with objections, interruptions, mental blocks, stage fright
• The wrap-up and homework


5) Career planning


Planned soft-skills seminars in summer semester 2025

1) Good scientific practice, 1 day webinar

2) Make an impact! Confident scientific communication: Body, voice, arguments (for all genders), 1 day seminar

3) Writing successful job applications (in academia and beyond)