These are the Basic Courses for the summer semester 2022.

1. Differential geometry, global analysis, and mathematical physics
Title: Analysis and geometry on manifolds - Differentialgeometrie II
Lecturer: Lipschütz, FU 
Location: A6/SR 025/026 Seminarraum
Lectures: WED 10-14
Tutorial: FR 10-12

Title: Riemannian geometry - Differentialgeometrie II
Lecturer: Wendl, HU
Location: Johann von Neumann-Haus - 1.114 (RUD25)
Lectures: WED 11-13 and THU 11-13
Tutorial: WED 9-11

2. Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, number theory
Title: Algebraic Geometry - Algebra II
Lecturer: Altmann, FU
Location: Hs A (Raum B.006,200 Pl.)
Lectures: WED 16-20
Tutorial: WED 12-14

Title: Algebraic geometry - Algebraische Geometrie I
Lecturer: Krämer, HU
Location: Johann von Neumann-Haus - 3.008 (RUD25)
Lectures: TUE 9-11 and THU 9-11
Tutorial: TUE 11-13

Title: Commutative algebra - Algebra II
Lecturer: Bürgisser, TU
Location: MA 144 (Lectures), MA 376 (Tutorial)
Lectures: TUE 12-14 and FRI 10-12
Tutorial: FRI 12-14
See also here.

3. Stochastics and mathematical finance
Title: Stochastic processes I: discrete time - Stochastik II
Lecturer: Perkowski, FU
Location: A6/SR 031 Seminarraum
Lectures: TUE 10-12 and THU 8-10
Tutorial: MO 14-16

Title: Stochastic processes II: continuous time - Stochastische Analysis
Lecturer: Horst, HU
Location: Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum/Modul 1 - 0311 (RUD26)
Lectures: TUE 13-15 and WED 9-11
Tutorial: WED 11-13

Title: Stochastic processes II: continuous time - Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie III
Lecturer: Friz, TU
Location: MA 141 and MA 751
Lectures: MON 14-16 and WED 14-16

4. Discrete mathematics and optimization
Title: Combinatorics - Diskrete Mathematik I
Lecturer: Szabó, FU
Location: T9/SR 005 Übungsraum
Lectures: TUE 12-14 and THU 12-14
Tutorial: TUE 16-18 or WED 8-10

Title: Nonlinear optimization - Nichtlineare Optimierung
Lecturer: Breiten, TU
Location: MA042
Lectures: MON 10-12 and THU 12-14
Tutorial: WED 12-14

5. Geometry, topology, and visualization
Title: Algebraic topology - Topologie I
Lecturer: Angelini-Knoll, FU
Location: A6/SR 031 Seminarraum
Lectures: TUE 8-10 and THU 10-12
Tutorial: WED 10-12 or THU 14-16

Title: Algebraic topology - Topologie I
Lecturer: Mohnke, HU
Location: Johann von Neumann-Haus, 1.115 and 3.006
Lectures: TUE 15-17 and THU 15-17
Tutorial: TUE 13-15

Title: Discrete geometry - Diskrete Geometrie I
Lecturer: Panizzut, TU
Location: MA 141 (Mon) and EB 202 (Tue)
Lectures: MON 10-12 and TUE 14-16
See also here.

6. Numerical analysis and scientific computing
Title: Numerical methods for PDEs - Numerik III
Lecturer: Kornhuber, FU
Location: A3/SR 120 
Lectures: MON 10-12 and MON 14-16
Tutorial: THU 16-18

Title: Numerical methods for ODEs - Numerische Mathematik II
Lecturer: Mehl, TU 
Location: MA 005 and MA 004
Lectures: TUE 12-14 and THU 16-18
Tutorial: WED 14-16

7. Applied analysis and differential equations
Title: Partial differential equations - Partielle Differentialgleichungen
Lecturer: Carstensen, HU
Location: Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum, 0311 and 0310
Lectures: WED 13-15 and THU 13-15
Tutorial: WED 15-17

Title: Functional Analysis - Funktionalanalysis I
Lecturer: Steidl, TU
Location: MA 004 and MA 041
Lectures: WED 8-10 and THU 14-16
Tutorial: WED 12-14

Title: Partial differential equations - Differentialgleichungen II A
Lecturer: Kreusler, TU
Location: H 0106
Lectures: MON 12-14
Tutorial: TUE 10-12
You will need to complete both "Differentialgleichungen II A + B" to count this as a BMS basic course.

8. Mathematics of data science


*Additional courses:

Title: Complex Analysis
Lecturer: Springborn, TU
Location: MA 141 (TUE), H0107 (FRI), MA 551/ MA 751 (Tutorials)
Lectures: TUE 10-12 and FRI 10-12
Tutorial: WED 16-18 or THU 12-14
See also here.

The BMS Basic Courses take place at all three universities which do their best to coordinate the schedules according to the scheme below.