Two days seminar on 7 and 8 November 2014, 10 am (sharp!) - 4 pm
Trainer: Christoph Eyrich

In this workshop, you will learn how to use LaTeX when writing your thesis or working on publications.

Day 1 starts with an introduction to LaTeX for absolute beginners:
- How does it work?
- What are the basic principles?
- What tools should you use?
- In the afternoon we will look at the basics of preparing a standard mathematical document.

On Day 2 we will have a close look at typical problems you will encounter:
- tables
- images
- (typographically) complicated math.

You should come to the seminar with the goal of learning how to write good code!

If you want to take part in the seminar, you must come with your own notebook prepared accordingly - that means with the software already installed and working properly.

Make sure you have installed a complete (!) LaTeX-distribution (one of the 3 links below) and a LaTeX-editor (4th link).

LaTeX-distribution for Windows:
MikTeX or TeXLive

LaTeX-distribution for Mac OS X:
MacTEX(= adapted TEXLive) or TeXShop

LaTeX-distribution for Linux:
Please use the package manager of your distribution for the installation.

Editor: TeXworks (for Windows, Mac OS und Linux)
or any LaTeX editor you already know

You can test your installation by saving this file on your hard disk and running pdflatex on it:

If the software does not work, you will not be able to participate in the seminar.

The workshop will be a combination of presentations and short assignments; for each topic there will be tailored exercises. The presentations will be available for download right after the workshop.

When registering for the seminar, please give us a realistic idea of your knowledge of LaTeX to date. Make sure it is an honest assessment!

Closing date for registration: 30 October 2014