The training is mandatory for all new BMS students!
Two days seminar/webinar on Thursday 7 and Friday, 8 October 2021 
Trainer: Stefan Schmid 

Studying in a foreign country is exciting and challenging at the same time. This training provides you with an in depth understanding of the core values and principles of Germany’s everyday culture and university life. You will have the opportunity to analyze your own experiences with Germans and prepare for future contact at university, in private and at work. You will get intercultural advice and recommendations that will help you to survive in Germany.


  • German cultural patterns
  • German university culture in everyday interactions with teachers, administration and co-students
  • Training of analytical skill and perspective taking in social situations
  • Adaption process in a new culture and useful coping strategies
  • Question and answer session


  • Awareness for own cultural background and how this might affect interactions with Germans
  • Understanding typical German conventions, cultural patterns and how to cope with them
  • Supporting of overall intercultural competence
  • Understanding own adaptation process and the options how to shape it
  • Reflecting own stereotypes
  • Reducing uncertainty in interactions with Germans


The training offers a mixture of methods like simulation-games, case-studies, role-plays and brief presentations. As intercultural competence is not only a question of knowledge, but also how to handle one’s emotions and actions in a new environment, the training elements aim at developing your skills on all these levels.