Two days workshop on 23 and 24 June 2017, 10am (sharp!) - 17:30
Trainer: Svenja Neupert

The seminar is full but we have a waiting list!

· Basics: Agile Project Management - An Overview.
· Differences and additions to traditional project management methods.
· Phases of an agile project.
· Requirements / conditions for agile projects. 
· Values and principles.
· Practices for agile development.
· Dealing with changes in the process. 
· Key Factor Team and diversity competence. 
· Framework for agile teams.
· Responsibility, cooperation and commitment in an agile team.
· Effective teamwork and self-control.
· Team communication.
· Knowledge Management - the learning project management organization.

Outcome learnings
By the end of this highly engaging and substantive two-day workshop, you will have:
- an overview how agile projectmanagement works and where it should be combined with linear project management
- developed a ‘toolbox’ of projectmanagement and have tested it with your own example
- practiced with a checklist how you can convince your collaboration partners
- learnt and investigated new methods of creative problem-solving and new ways of thinking, which lead to new and better solutions.

The workshop content is actively tailored and dynamically adapted to fit your needs and expectations. A variety of methods are explored for different types of learners: theory; practical exercises; small-group work; role-plays; feedback and group discussions.