1. Differential geometry, global analysis, and topology
    - Differential Geometry: D. Schüth, HU
    - Differential Geometry: Surface Theory: U. Pinkall, TU

2. Algebra and number theory, algebraic and arithmetic geometry
    - Algebraic Geometry: G. Farkas, HU

3. Probability theory and financial mathematics
    - Stochastic processes II: Continous time: U. Küchler, HU

4. Discrete mathematics and discrete geometry
    - Combinatorics: M. Aigner, FU

5. Linear, nonlinear, and combinatorial optimization

    - Nonlinear optimization: A. Griewank, HU

6. Numerical analysis, scientific computing, and visualization
     - Numerical methods for PDEs: R. Kornhuber, FU

7. Applied analysis, mathematical physics, and dynamical systems

    - Partial Differential Equations: J. Sprekels, HU  

* Additional courses:
    - Complex analysis: D. Ferus, TU
    - Functional analysis: J. Behrndt, TU
    - Differential Geometry: K. Polthier, FU