Srijanie Dey,
BMS Phase I Student, 
BSc Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

I joined BMS in October 2015 as a Phase I student. I have completed almost a year now and I must say the experience till now has been remarkable.

I came across BMS while searching for PhD options in Europe. Being a joint graduate school of the three elite universities with the medium of instruction as English, BMS struck me as one of the best places to complete my graduate studies. Little had I known then that there were many more reasons that could serve to bolster my decision.

During my Skype interview I got the chance to talk to two of the most eminent professors which augmented my zeal to join the program. Finally, within a couple of months I got the coveted call from BMS. The next major step was moving to Berlin and settling down. It involved a very long and tedious process and being a German-illiterate, I expected the process would be quite challenging. But thanks to the BMS One-Stop Office, the whole process was quite easy. Starting from getting my visa approved to getting my residence permit in Berlin, it was a very smooth ride. The BMS One-Stop Office was always there to help and was also very prompt in answering every query that I had. Moreover, BMS had assigned two BMS buddies to me, who too were very patient and answered all my nonacademic queries. This made me feel that there were people who I knew already in a foreign land and I felt more welcome in Berlin.

After starting my studies in BMS, I must admit it was not a piece of cakewalk. The academic system being very different from what I was used to, it took me a while to get acquainted with it. But I had a lot of support from my fellow students. One of the best things about BMS is - students don’t compete among themselves but within oneself. Everyone is open to discussion and questions.The BMS Lounge provides a great place for this academic rendezvous, which makes for a very stimulating scholarly environment. Also this is a great place to meet other students and make friends.

BMS Fridays are one of the highlights that need a mention. It provides a great platform to attend talk by professors who are greats in their respective fields and to learn about their exciting research. In addition to the students' academic growth, BMS also takes care of the peripheral issues that come with academics. It organizes various seminars that enables students to be better scientific professionals.

Finally, one of the greatest joys of studying at the BMS is being in Berlin. It is a vibrant and very welcoming city, with something to offer for everybody. From peaceful parks and lakes to finest museums to chilled-out bars to a happening nightlife, Berlin has it all.

In conclusion, I would say that BMS has helped me to grow as a student as well as a person. It is not just an institute but an experience of a lifetime. 

Published in the end of August 2016

Update 2018: Srijanie did her Master in 2017 and has a PhD position at Washington State University Vancouver.