We are delighted to announce that BMS PhD student Anastasija Pešić has been selected as GAMM Junior for her research on “Variational models for pattern formation in biomembranes.” GAMM Juniors are young researchers and members of the GAMM who have distinguished themselves with an excellent diploma, master’s, and/or PhD thesis in the fields of Applied Mathematics or Mechanics. Congratulations!

Anastasija Pešić’s research focuses on the Calculus of Variations, specifically in its application to biological membranes. She employs variational techniques, such as Gamma-convergence and scaling laws, to analyze minimizers of nonlocal, nonconvex functionals linked to the formation of lipid rafts in cellular membranes. Her work is driven by a genuine interest in applying analytical techniques to understand complexities within the biological context.

© Vira Raichenko
Regarding her acceptance into GAMM Juniors, she stated, “I am honored to have been selected as a new member of GAMM Juniors. This provides a valuable opportunity to highlight the voices of young (female) researchers in our community. Additionally, I am excited to join this interdisciplinary network, which provides a platform for exchanging knowledge between researchers in mathematics and mechanics. This enriches our collective understanding of these disciplines.”

Anastasija Pešić pursued her mathematics studies at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and continued her studies in Germany as a member of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), the Graduate School of MATH+. She completed her M.Sc. at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2021 with the thesis on “Variational Analysis and Large Deviations Principle for Membrane Models.” In 2021, Anastasija was awarded the Hilda Geiringer Scholarship of the BMS, which aims to support promising female PhD students in mathematical research and recognize outstanding potential. At the DMV Student’s Conference in 2022, she also won the prize for the best conference talk. Currently, Anastasija Pešić is pursuing her Ph.D. at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in the Department of Applied Analysis, supervised by MATH+ member Barbara Zwicknagl. Her research project is part of RTG DAEDALUS.

Each year, for a duration of three years, up to ten new GAMM Juniors are selected. During their time as GAMM Juniors, the GAMM membership fees are waived. After three years, the membership as GAMM Junior is terminated automatically. By this means, it is guaranteed that young researchers obtain additional financial and emotional support at the start of their academic research, that they transfer their knowledge to the next generations of GAMM Juniors, and that they pass the organization of the group onto them.