Evgenia Youett,
BMS Phase II Student,
MSc Saint Petersburg State University

I first heard about the BMS back in Russia when I was finishing my master in mathematics at the St. Petersburg State University and was looking for PhD positions in Germany. Although I got a PhD position independently of the BMS, I was very happy to join it shortly after I started my PhD project.

The BMS provides a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere for students. You immediately feel supported, which is very important for people new to Berlin. First months in Berlin might be tricky, especially for someone who comes from abroad. Non-foreigner-friendly bureaucracy, searching for a place to live (which is not trivial at all), the lack of friends etc. - all these factors can ruin the first impression of Berlin, a truly wonderful city in my opinion. But the buddy program and exchange of information about available flats set up by the BMS help to overcome these difficulties.

The math courses offered by the BMS are taught in English, which is very convenient for international students. I had the pleasure to attend a couple of them and they were all great! During my PhD studies I also received some financial support from the BMS for going to scientific conferences, which I appreciate very much.

A brilliant scientific environment is not the only thing provided by the BMS, one can rely on it regarding many different aspects. Learning German is not a problem - the BMS offers language courses. If you are lacking some soft skills - come to the BMS. You want to make friends and attend some social events - the BMS is the place where you find it all. The BMS staff, always friendly and supporting, are willing to help with any possible issue.

I have received a lot of help and support from the BMS since I joined it and I deeply appreciate it. I am very happy to be a part of the BMS family and wish it further development and success.

Published in August 2018