Qianheng Chen, 
BMS Phase I Student, 
BSc Sun Yat-sen University 

During my sophomore year in Sun Yat-sen University in China, I was already sure that I would like to continue my study in Germany. After long preparation and thorough consideration, I decided to join BMS as Phase I student.

Over the last year, I benefited a lot from BMS. At the beginning, the language course and intercultural workshop from BMS helped me to get acquainted with living in Germany. My buddy and BMS fellow students guided me through the housing and bureaucratic procedures. My advisor, who is a professor in the same research field as my interest, has given me so much advice on choosing suitable courses among three universities. Professors are equipped with excellent English skills, so there is no obstacle in communication, and they are open to any kinds of questions I raise. Basic courses and BMS Fridays allow you to jump out of your interest point and see a broader picture of mathematics. Office space and a scholarship offered by BMS helped me to focus solely on studying.

Social activities in BMS give me a chance to meet my fellow students outside of math. From bowling to photo contests, from Christmas parties to barbeques, it is a nice way to experience Berlin with people from various cultural backgrounds and to learn more about each other. In November 2015, I was honored to be chosen as one of the five student representatives. We participate in BMS committee meetings, we help to organize social activities and currently we are preparing the student conference in February 2017. Enthusiasm and curiosity drive us to contribute to BMS from a different aspect.

Starting over in a completely different country is difficult, but I can proudly announce that I have no regrets and it has truly been an incredible year of my life.

Published in September 2016

Update 2018: Qianheng did her Qualifying Exam and finished her Master Thesis.