Ahmad Afuni,
BMS Phase II student, 
Qualifying Exam BMS, 
BSc University of Queensland

After completing my honours degree at the University of Queensland, I knew I wanted to pursue further education in mathematics, but I didn't know where. I applied to several programs, but I wasn't sure where I would end up, until I got an invitation to the BMS Days.

Stepping into the BMS Loft, I was greeted by the various organizational people, as well as existing students who took the time to tell me about how things were in Berlin. So far so good. However, after hearing the various talks given by mathematicians from diverse areas and meeting students from various groups, I knew I wanted to come to Berlin. Three universities, plus Potsdam, and endless possibilities to learn more mathematics definitely sounded attractive, and since coming I have learnt things I would probably not have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere.

Since coming to Berlin, my expectations have proven right. Of course, life is not all mathematics, and whilst going through Phase I and Phase II at the BMS, I have always had spare time for other things, such as learning the German language, playing music, meeting with friends, and getting to know new people, especially at the BMS Fridays, some of whom I am sure I will have as lifelong friends. All in all, I would highly recommend coming to the BMS!

published in March 2014

Update January 2015: Ahmad works as a postdoc at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. 
Update August 2018: Since October 2017 he is postdoctoral researcher at FU Berlin.