The fellows of the 2023/2024 Young African Mathematicians (YAM) Fellowship Program, along with representatives from the YAM network in Berlin, Bonn, Heidelberg, and Münster, met on 17 June 2024 at the Excellence Cluster Mathematics Münster for their final meeting.

MATH+ YAM Fellow Wilson Tsuata from Berlin attended the network meeting in Münster, accompanied by Hannah Rohwer from the MATH+ office. Unfortunately, the second MATH+ YAM Fellow Samantha Glory Guiate Simo could not participate due to a conference. In September 2023, MATH+ and the BMS welcomed Samantha Glory Guiate Simo and Wilson Tsuata as the first MATH+ YAM Fellows of the Young African Mathematicians (YAM) Fellowship Program for the academic year 2023/24. As YAM fellows, both are also part of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) for the duration of the YAM program. 

In Münster, the YAM fellows reflected on their experiences and looked ahead after a joint lunch at the Münster Mensa,. They shared their personal and academic learnings from their time in Germany through presentations. A panel discussion followed, featuring Prof. Dr. Franca Hoffmann, initiator of the YAM program, Prof. Dr. Raimar Wulkenhaar, Dr. Fridolin Melong, AIMS-DFG fellow at Mathematics Münster, Prof. Dr. Anna Gusakova, and Dr. Kristina Wensing, who provided tips, advice, and insights into (academic) careers in and outside Germany. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Imke Franzmeier.

                     Photos: © Mathematik Münster

After a feedback session, everyone gathered for dinner at "Das Blaue Haus," a well-known student pub in Münster.