On 9-10 February 2023, the Northern German Algebraic Geometry Seminar (NoGAGS) will take place at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The NoGAGS is a regional meeting taking place every year since 2008, involving mainly the algebraic geometry groups in Berlin, Hannover, Leipzig, and Hamburg.

The event is organized by Gavril Farkas, Professor of Algebraic Geometry at HU Berlin, and Bruno Klingler, Einstein Professor at HU Berlin, whose main research interests lie in arithmetic geometry. Both mathematicians have recently been named MATH+ Distinguished Fellows; this award recognizes outstanding contributions to the mathematical sciences and supports the work of world-leading mathematicians in Berlin. Gavril Farkas is also one of the three Chairs of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS).

During the seminar, two significant prizes will be awarded for the best papers published in the journals "Algebraic Geometry" respectively "Compositio Mathematica" in 2017-2020. Both are prestigious, well-established journals of very high quality. Gavril Farkas, the Managing Editor of "Algebraic Geometry" and Bruno Klingler, the Managing Editor of "Compositio Mathematica", will present the prizes. The Foundation Compositio Mathematica, which publishes both journals, Compositio and Algebraic Geometry, has an outstanding record of supporting open-access journals and finding alternatives to commercial publishers. “It is the purpose of the foundation to publish first-class mathematical research papers.”

Apart from talks from the prize winners, the NoGAGS will feature further lectures from some of the top algebraic geometers in the world, like Claire Voisin (Chair of Algebraic Geometry at the Collège de France, Paris) and Rahul Pandharipande from ETH Zürich, who was an Einstein Visiting Fellow at the BMS from 2015-2019.

Another special talk will be given by Bernd Sturmfels on opportunities for PhD students and young postdocs in algebraic geometry. Sturmfels is the Director of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences Leipzig and was an Einstein Visiting Fellow at the TU Berlin (2015-2020).

The event is open, and everyone is most welcome.

Please visit the event’s website for more information about the Prize Winners, all speakers, and the address: