BMS Phase II students Olga Heismann and Maite Wilke Berenguer received TU's Clara-von-Simson Award for their outstanding work on their theses. TU president Jörg Steinbach awarded the prize to Olga Heismann for her Master thesis, entitled "Minimum Cost Hyperassignments", and Maite Wilke Berenguer for her Diplomthesis on "Lipschitz Percolation."

Olga is now working on her dissertation at the ZIB under the supervision of Martin Grötschel, Maite is a member of the Stochastics group at TU Berlin working under Michael Scheutzow. 

Clara von Simson was the first woman to finish her habilitation in Physics in 1951 at TU Berlin. It was one of her lifelong goals to motivate women for a career in the natural sciences and she committed herself to supporting women in science, technology and engineering. 

Congratulations to Olga and Maite!