This year’s BMS-BGSMath Junior Meeting took place in Berlin from 26-28 June at the Zuse Institute (ZIB) with 36 participants. BMS Chair Holger Reich welcomed everyone on behalf of BMS and MATH+. The Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) and the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics (BGSMath) alternate in organizing regular meetings to share their ambitions for excellent doctoral and postdoctoral training programs.

The Plenary Talks were presented by María Ángeles García Ferrero (Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas/ICMAT) on Partial Differential Equations, Frank Trujillo (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica/CRM) on Dynamical Systems, Thibaut Mazuir (HU Berlin) on Symplectic Geometry and Homotopical Algebra, and Giulia Codenotti (FU Berlin) on Discrete Geometry.

Additionally, students introduced their topics of interest with casual elevator talks of 3-5 minutes. The talks were diverse, covering all major areas of mathematics as reflected by the eight areas of the BMS. The event concludes on Friday with the participants joining in the MATH+ Friday. 

The informal dinner, where the participants got to know each other, was a most enjoyable part of the entire event. Following the usual rotating principle, the next BMS-BGSMath Junior Meeting will be held in Barcelona in 2026.