After a two-year break, we could finally honor our graduates and recent BMS alumni with a festive Certificate Ceremony in the beautiful Leibniz-Saal of the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BBAW). Almost 140 members and guests followed the invitation and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and long overdue get-together.

Get an impression of the vibrant event and watch the "After Movie" of the BMS Certificate Ceremony here or on the MATH+ YouTube channel, where you can find more exciting videos:

The afternoon started with the BMS PhD seminar "What is…? ". PhD student M. Levent Doğan introduced the topic of the following MATH+ Friday colloquium on "P, NP, and Probabilistically Checkable Proofs", held by Irit Dinur of the Weizmann Institute of Sciences (online). The presentations were part of the 2022 nationwide event series "The 7 Greatest Adventures of Mathematics," which describes the seven Millennium Prize problems presented by seven German mathematical research institutions. All recordings of the presentations on "P versus NP" are also available on the MATH+ YouTube channel.

Afterwards, Christof Schütte (MATH+ Chair at that time) welcomed everyone to the Certificate Ceremony and gave a laudation of the MATH+ Dissertation Award winners from 2020 and 2021, a prize first initiated in 2020. The “Klezmeyers” Band provided musical entertainment between the certificate presentations. The evening closed with a lively reception.

The BMS Certificate Ceremony was part of the Celebrating Math! day on 01 July 2022. 
Read more about this day’s events at the Futurium and the BBAW: