How do I apply to the BMS?

Start by registering on the BMS website. Then follow the instructions on the Application Information page.

What is the difference between the 'first round' and the 'second round' application phase?

Phase I:

Most of our merit-based scholarships will be awarded to those applicants who apply by the first round deadline of 1 December. The purpose of the second round is to make it possible for late applications to be submitted by the final deadline for that academic year. Please note, however, that only a limited number of scholarships remain at that time.

Phase II:

The 1 December deadline is for Phase II applicants who will have completed their master’s degree before 31 March and want to start at the BMS earlier than October.

The 1 April deadline is for those Phase II applicants who will have completed their master’s degree by 30 September and want to start at the BMS in October.

Phase II applicants who want to be considered for funding, either in the form of a scholarship or a research position, should indicate that in the online application form.


Which Phase should I apply for?

Please find details about the BMS PhD program and the two phases here:

In general, students who already hold a master's degree that is recognized in Germany should apply directly for Phase II. Generally speaking, master's degrees with a duration of two years and which are completed with a master's thesis are recognized in Germany with few exceptions.

If you would like to apply for Phase I to gain more mathematical knowledge before starting your PhD research, you should explain this in detail in your Personal Statement. We check all applications and degrees thoroughly before the Admissions Committee begins their evaluation. In certain cases, the Admissions Committee decides to move applications from Phase I to Phase II, if the candidate was qualified for Phase II as well. If this happens, we will inform you accordingly after the deadline.
If you apply for Phase I with a master's degree, please keep in mind the following:
You need to upload your master's degree and transcripts as well as your bachelor's degree and transcripts.
It is recommended that you also upload a research statement as an additional document. In case your application is moved to Phase II, the BMS will request a research statement.

If you have applied for Phase II but your master’s degree is not recognized in Germany for PhD studies, the Admissions Committee will consider your application for Phase I. If this happens, we will inform you accordingly after the deadline.

You cannot submit two applications in the same application period, so you cannot apply for both phases.

As a Phase II applicant, do I need to find a supervisor before I submit my application?

No. In your research statement, please mention which member of the BMS faculty you would like to work with and why. Applicants should be familiar with the research of potential supervisors, but prior contact with them is not necessary.

Do I need to submit an APS certificate?

An APS certificate is not required by the BMS for an application to its doctoral program. However, it is necessary for the enrollment.