On November 19, 2007 the Berlin-Brandenburgische "Akademie der Wissenschaften" together with the French Académie des sciences will hold a colloquium in the honor of Wolfgang Döblin.
In 1940, Wolfgang Döblin, son of the famous author Alfred Döblin fought at the Vosges World War II front for the French. At the same time, he developed a justification for the Kolmogorov equation based on a pathwise construction of Markov processes using Brownian motion. In doing so a provided an alternative approach to stochastic analysis simultaneously to Kiyoshi Ito. A few months after he had sent his ideas to the French Académie des sciences he committed suicide to avoid capture by German troops.
For 60 years, the school notebook he used was kept unopened in the archives of the French Académie des sciences in Paris. In the year 2000, it was finally opened revealing a scientific sensation.

A detailed program (in German) of the ceremony can be found here:

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