Ulrike Tillmann, topologist from the University of Oxford, will be in Berlin in the first week of December. On December 5, she will give a talk on

Phd in math "Moduli spaces in the eyes of a topologist:
Mumford's conjecture and beyond"

To hear her speak please come to Konrad Zuse Institut (ZIB),
Takustrasse 7, Grosser Hoersaal (Rundbau, Erdgeschoss) at 5.00 pm


Moduli spaces were first studied by Riemann, and have been a central object of mathematical study ever since. 25 years ago Mumford initiated the systematic study of its topology. In this lecture I will review some background and explain how a fusion of ideas from conformal field theory and algebraic topology led to the proof of Mumford's conjecture on the stable cohomology of moduli spaces. The methods of proof have been generalised yielding new exciting applications in higher and lower dimensions.