BMS Professor Herbert Edelsbrunner from Duke University is the BMS Professors for the summer semester 2008. During his stay in Berlin he will teach a course on "Computational Topology" at FU Berlin.



TUE 10 - 12, Arnimallee 3 SR 005
WED 10 - 12, Arnimallee 3 SR 005

Topology is the abstraction of geometry we obtain by single-mindedly focusing on how things are connected (as opposed to how big they are). That this abstraction worthwhile has been ambly shown in the last century, during which topology flourished into a main trunk of mathematics. The computational aspects of topology have not been studied until very recently. Since connectivity is of paramount importance also in practice, it is not surprising that computational topology has its roots in diverse application areas, such as geometric modeling, visual perception, medical imaging, and structural molecular biology. The topics discussed in this course are grouped into six main themes, which are 1. Graphs, 2. Surfaces, 3. Proximity, 4. Homology, 5. Persistence, 6. Vector Fields.


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