Two days seminar on 10 and 11 November 2023 (Friday and Saturday), 10:00 am (sharp!) - 5:30 pm, room: FH 1005 (for registered BMS students only!), @TU, Fraunhofer Str. 33-36, 10587 Berlin (10th floor)
Trainer: Dr. Jane Bormeister
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How do I bring the content across to the audience in a convincing voice? How can I control my voice? How do I speak with power, how do I modulate and how can I even have fun when speaking in front of an audience?

In addition to content-related competence and subject-matter knowledge, the way of speaking is of particular importance: contents are conveyed through people, their voice, their body, their emotions.

When presenting, it is hardly ever the content that counts the most but the way of how you bring the content across to the audience: How you speak and how you convince people by your voice alone. Authenticity and dedication are conveyed through your body, voice and well-structured content: Only what really comes across will really reach your listeners.

And how you can use your voice to achieve just this, we will train in the course of this workshop.

Speaking is fun. This is what we train. And you are going to like this!

Training content

•  The first impression: how do I come across?

•  IS-SHOULD-analysis: body – voice – speech and presentation behavior

• The oral starter tools
-   Starter training body
-   Starter training voice
-   Starter training speech and presentation behaviour

•  Voice training
-   Basic rules of speaking: breathing, posture, standing
-   Subtexts, resonance, fluency, ease and range, power voice
-   Speaking when using a microphone
-   Emotions – having fun when speaking

•  Body training
-   How do I stand, how do I sit, how do I look at people, how do I walk?
-   What do I do with my arms while speaking?
-   Body awareness “on stage”

•  Speech and training structures: free, spontanous speech and speaking training
-   the statement technique – finding an answer to any question?
-   Structured self-presentation
-   Tips and tricks for your (public) performance

•  Stage fright & co. on stage
-   Your mental inner attitude before the presentation
-   Body tips and tricks

•  Presenting research results at colloquia and large events – under the focus of body and voice
-   Basics and understanding of a “free presentation”
-   Preparation: the four steps
-   The arranged procedure:left-hand and right-hand angle
-   Technical aids
-   Discussion with the audience
-   Dealing with objections, interruptions, mental blocks 
-   Final rehearsal on the “grand stage”

•  The wrap-up and homework


After this workshop you will feel more self-confident, have a better standing and be able to bring more content across! Strategies & techniques, power voice, body presence and emotional composure in demanding speaking situations in front of a scientific audience.


Training with video analysis (own camera) and support, short presentations, case studies and role plays. Training, training, training.