Two days seminar/webinar on Friday 21 and Saturday 29 January 2022
Trainer: Dr. Anna Hartkopf
The seminar is full, we have a waiting list

The workshop „Science Communication in Mathematics“ focusses on outreach activities that center mathematical knowledge.


The goal of the seminar is twofold. On the one hand, the participants will gain insight into the main developments of science communication and will be able to look at mathematical science communication though the lens of communication science which will provide them with a new perspective on outreach activities. We will analyze widely known projects in terms of their goals, methods and motivations to identify the attitude behind them.

On the other hand, the practical development of a unique science communication format will form a main component of the workshop. The development will focus on the perspective of the potential user and emphasizes dialogical forms. The time in between the two seminar days can be used for further research and to come up with new ideas. The highlight of the workshop is building a prototype of the format and mutually testing them.


• Overview of the landscape of science communication.
• The three shifts in science communication.
• Identifying attitudes in science communication.
• User based development of a science communication format.
• Dialogue as a guiding principle for science communication.
• Designing the dissemination of knowledge.

Plan and Methods

Day 1

• The first day of the seminar starts with the participants getting to know each other and the trainer by introducing themselves and their expectations for the seminar.
• Collection of the participants’ experiences with mathematical science communication and identifying positive encounters.
• Introduction to the science of science communication and outline of the three major developmental stages: knowledge, appreciation and trust.
• How do they relate to mathematical outreach projects? In pairs we will take a closer look at well-known projects and analyze them.
• In the afternoon we want to apply the first three steps of our design process. The participants will work in small groups to first set a vision for their project, research the target group and finally come up with a task for their project that will guide the research for the time interval in between the two seminar days.

Day 2

• The second day will start with a recollection of the design tasks and a presentation of the research.
• After receiving feedback from the group, the subgroup will “build” a prototype of their format.
• In a last step the prototypes will be presented to the others in the group by testing them out individually.
• We will close the seminar with reflecting in the main learnings of the seminar and maybe plans to further the development of the prototypes.