Mandatory for Phase II students who startet in the winter semester 2022, 16 slots,
Two days webinar (via zoom) on 19 and 20 October, 9am (sharp!) to 4pm
Trainer: Katarzyna Biernacka

 The workshop introduces participants to the idea of good scientific practice, as well as providing knowledge on the topic of research ethics and encouraging them to reflect on their beliefs and attitudes as researchers. Participants will learn about the standards of good scientific practice and develop the skills needed to make responsible judgments in everyday research. The workshop seeks to promote internalization of the principles of European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity as well as the recommendations on good scientific practice by the DFG. It strives to facilitate the cultivation of scientific virtues among researchers. The curriculum includes an introduction to the concepts of research integrity, moral conflicts and dilemmas, values and norms, and is enhanced by discussions and interactive exercises.