The seminar is mandatory for BMS Phase II students, who start in WS 2021
Webinar on 19 November 2021 from 9:30am (sharp!) to 5:30pm
Trainer: Dr. Peter Schröder

● DFG recommendations on good scientific practice
● History of good scientific practice
● Rules & Regulations
● Ethical considerations
● Experiments involving humans
● Experiments involving animals
● Documentation
● Intellectual property
● Commitment to self-criticism

● Increase the awareness for good scientific practice
● Integration of good scientific practice into daily work
● Prevent problems
● Encourage problem solving

● PhD candidates (Phase II Students)
● (Junior) Scientists

● 1 day workshop (8 UE) – online or on-site
● Workshop is based on the DFG recommendations on Good Scientific Practice and local guidelines
● Workshop will pick up existing problems and work on solutions
● Mixture of „ex-cathedra“ teaching, jointed and group phases will be used
● 8-14 Participants
● Workshop will be hold in English
● Results of the workshop will be documented and circulated