Günter M.Ziegler in front of the audience © Kay Herschelmann/BMS

1 and 2 March 2021 online


Due to the ongoing pandemic, the BMS Days will be held online for the first time. As the applicants are in different time zones, the BMS Days will be offered in two groups.

All times in this program are given in the Berlin timezone UTC+1 / CET.

Asia / Eastern Group:

Monday, 1 March (only for Phase I applicants)                                                                                                              

Postdoc in front of the interview schedule © Kay Herschelmann/BMS © Kay Herschelmann/BMS10:00   Welcome 
10:30   BMS Program and Student Life 
11:30   Break
11:45   Group Meetings
12:45   Summary

Tuesday, 2 March                                                                                                                

10:00   Welcome 
10:30   "What is...?" Seminar by Johannes von Lindheim
11:00   Mathematical Talk by Gabriele Steidl (TU Berlin): Motion and Deformation in Mathematical Imaging
11:45   Break
12:15   Meet BMS postdocs and PhD students
13:00   Goodbye

Mathquiz © Kay Herschelmann/BMS

Americas / Western Group:

Monday, 1 March (only for Phase I applicants)                                                                                                             
17:00   Welcome 
17:30   BMS Program and Student Life 
18:30   Break
18:45   Group Meetings
19:45   Summary

Tuesday, 2 March                                                                                                                

16:00   Welcome 
16:30   "What is...?" Seminar by Raphaël Belliard
17:00   Mathematical Talk by Gaëtan Borot (HU Berlin): Matrix models and counting surfaces: from combinatorics to geometry
17:45   Break
18:15   Meet BMS postdocs and PhD students
19:00   Goodbye

Please note, the BMS Days are followed by the BMS Student Conference.


General Information

The BMS Days will be held via zoom this year. The links will be sent to all participants in the week before the BMS Days.

We will ask to take a screenshot once per group and all participants are free to keep their camera on or turn it off for this purpose.

The Group Meetings will take place in zoom break out sessions and will be attended by one BMS student, one BMS postdoc, one BMS professor, one BMS office staff member and 5-8 applicants. This meeting should give applicants the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about the BMS and living and studying in Berlin.

The applicants will NOT be evaluated during the BMS Days. The purpose of these BMS Days is only for the applicants to get to know the BMS.