Shimaa Elesaely, 
BMS Phase I Student, 
Master in Mathematical Sciences AIMS,
BSc Cairo University 

After I finished my Bachelor studies, I attended a seminar organized at the Department of Mathematics of Cairo University during which a BMS Phase II student talked about the BMS program. Out of curiosity, I followed up on it and found out more about the BMS. But I didn't have the chance to apply in that year due to time constraints. Afterwards, I went to the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and I submitted my BMS application from there. Fortunately, I was invited to the BMS Days.

What I like about the BMS is that it brings together many international students and researchers, and the sharing and exchange of knowledge is quite valuable for an aspiring mathematician. I came to Berlin in September 2014. I felt a difference in the culture and the weather, but for the cultural part the BMS offered an intercultural seminar and also a German language course. Although the weather in winter was freezing cold, I enjoyed the snow so much. The BMS One-Stop Office helped me a lot, for example, they contacted the embassy to accelerate my visa process in order for me to attend the German course from the beginning. All of this helped me to settle in to the new environment easily.

Its completeness and modernity led me to choose the BMS program. The BMS offers courses at the three universities in Berlin which gives me the opportunity to choose the best courses that suit me. The program also encourages contact between mathematicians, for example at the BMS Fridays. BMS students are really friendly, supporting each other and sharing their personal experiences.

published in September 2015

Update 2018: Shimaa did her Qualifying Exam and finished her Master Thesis in 2017. She is a teaching assistant at Cairo University.