Konstantinos Zemas,
BMS Phase I Student,
BSc National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

As I was heading towards the completion of my bachelor studies in Athens, I decided to continue my studies in mathematics abroad. After checking various graduate programs both around Europe and in the U.S., I came across the BMS. From the very beginning, the structure of the program, the courses offered and the way one could proceed from a bachelor's degree to the completion of a PhD thesis in general, really triggered my interest. Hence, I applied to the BMS and luckily I was invited to the BMS Days.

I remember the week of the BMS Days, followed by the BMS Student Conference, as the time when I really decided that I wanted to become a member of the BMS. After the interview came various exciting talks given both by distinguished professors and by talented students, who gave us an excellent idea of the rich variety of mathematical topics being researched here in Berlin, but also various other social activities intended to bring current and new BMS students together. The atmosphere was so warm and friendly, both in and outside of the BMS community, that I knew this was the best place for me to study.

Living in Berlin for a year now, I have to say that my experience so far has definitely met my expectations. The academic activities offered by the three major universities in Berlin (and Potsdam University as well!) incorporated into the BMS Study Program via Basic Courses, Advanced Courses, seminars, workshops, summer schools etc., really helped me this year to make the next steps and orientate myself better in my areas of interest. And although studying mathematics is a demanding procedure, the city of Berlin and the BMS community in particular gives you a vast amount of possibilities and activities to relax and do whatever you are interested in and pleases you in your free time.

To sum up, I really believe that what makes the BMS unique, apart from the high level of academic education and opportunities it offers, is the attitude, passion and commitment of its members, be it the professors, the people in the One-Stop Office and the students, many of whom have become really good friends and we have the chance to share our thoughts, interests and experiences. After all, living as a young person in Berlin exploring the city's unique history, culture and international atmosphere is charming and priceless in its own right. Therefore, I would strongly recommend it to anyone wishing to have real quality of graduate studies in mathematics and life in general, in all its perspectives.

published in October 2015

Update 2018: Konstantinos finished his Master in 2016 and since October 2016 he has been PhD student at IMPRS MiS in Leipzig.