Katharina Jochemko,
BMS Phase II student,
Diplom Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

I got to know about the BMS in a quite funny, old-fashioned way: on an advertisement in a newspaper. After browsing the BMS website, I was stunned by the huge offer of different mathematical fields in Berlin. The broad spectrum of discrete math made me especially enthusiastic.

In addition to the academic offers what really attracted me was the idea of studying in a very international atmosphere with people with different cultural backgrounds. I experienced this from my Erasmus year in Italy and loved it there. I like to discuss math problems with others, even more than thinking about them on my own. Therefore the existence of a big and lively math community in Berlin was crucial for my decision to join the BMS.

Looking back at my first semester I can say that BMS has far surpassed my expectations -- both the academic and social ones. The BMS Friday lectures together with the "What is..?" seminars are a unique opportunity to get the inside scoop on all kinds of mathematical fields. These regular get-togethers are the best places to meet with fellow students, discuss math problems, and chat about daily life issues of a doctoral student.

published in April 2012

Update 2014: Katharina defended her doctoral thesis in December 2014.
Update 2015: Katharina is working as a postdoc at TU Wien.
Update 2018: She is postdoctoral researcher at KTH in Stockholm.