Agnieszka Miedlar,
BMS Phase II Student,
MSc Wroclaw University of Technology

I started my “adventure” with the BMS in September 2007, as a Phase II student. After finishing my master’s studies in Computer Science in Poland I joined the research group Modelling, Numerics, Differential Equations of Prof. Volker Mehrmann. As a BMS student I have an opportunity to work with world top scientists in the field. Through BMS lectures I can develop my knowledge in many new disciplines in mathematics and science. BMS, as a joint graduate school of the three major Berlin universities, gives me the possibility to join not only different math research groups, but due to its connections to MATHEON, also DFG research projects

However, BMS is something more than an excellent graduate school, it is almost like a big, international family with mathematical roots. Aside from many organized activities, students spend their free time on sports or language classes, celebrating holidays together or sharing their every day problems. Now, thanks to BMS, I know much more not only about mathematics, but also about life and the world.

published in October 2009

Update 2013: Agnieszka is a postdoc at TU Berlin.
Update 2017: Since 2016 she is Assistant Professor of Computational Mathematics at the University of Kansas