Shahrad from Iran and Australia

Shahrad Jamshidi, April 2008,
BMS Phase I student, BSc Honors  University of Sydney

My name is Shahrad Jamshidi and I am 23 years old. I was born in Tehran Iran and have grown up in Sydney, Australia where I studied a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Mathematics. I am currently studying in Phase 1 of the BMS program and want to continue into Phase 2. One reason why I chose Germany to continue my studies is because of the specific teaching style that was common amongst the German lecturers I had during my Bachelor.

I wrote to professors all over Germany in search of an interesting topic. Prof A. Bockmayr of the FU directed me straight to the BMS, which was perfectly tailored for my situation as an English Native speaker with a Bachelor Degree. I applied straight away and was overjoyed to have received acceptance into the Program and with a scholarship.

During the first Semester, I had some difficulty adapting and settling into the general system of the university and what was to be expected of me. The teaching and learning style was very different to what I have till now experienced in Australia. Thankfully there were many friendly students and teachers who helped me get on my feet.

Berlin is a fantastic place to study. There are countless institutions and societies that contribute in all fields of Maths, e.g MATHEON, WIAS, ZIB to name a few. For that reason many brilliant minds either study here or come for a visit. The BMS encourages the students by rounding up these people from the various organizations to give presentations at the BMS Fridays, which I find is a great influence in the learning process. Outside of study, Berlin has a great deal of ethnical and cultural diversity, which adds to the overall experience. I am looking forward to the next phase of my time here.