Students who started in 2008

26 students from Berlin, Germany, and all over the world have now begun their PhD at the BMS. Here, they comment on the diverse course offers, their fellow students and their first experiences in the new city.

Mimi Tsuruga explains why she decided to be a part of the Berlin experience and if she is happy with her choice: “Of all places, why Berlin? I don't speak any German. I don't know anybody in Europe, let alone Germany. I've never even stepped foot on this continent until the BMS Days in February. That question is answered on a daily basis here in my new hometown. The city, the people, the math. I can really feel myself living my life to its fullest by exploring the city, speaking a new language, learning new customs, and, most importantly, seeing real math done by real mathematicians. I am so excited to take part in this great adventure with the Berlin Mathematical School.”

BMS Phase I student, BSc Hunter College, NY, USA

Eyal Ron comments on choosing his BMS courses: “Already in my first two months, I've learned that the academic aspect of BMS is unbelievably rich. My first, and most difficult, task thus far was to actually choose a course from the long list that was offered. My courses this semester are in three universities - variety is the spice of life”.

Started as a Phase I student, BSc Open University, Israel

Jose Verschae is similarly impressed: “The program is just great, having the possibility of taking classes and working with people from three big universities really makes Berlin a great place for post-graduate studies."

BMS Phase II student, BSc Universidad Adolfo Ibanez Santiago, Chile

Nicola Tarasca is happy about the supportive measures that facilitated his start at the BMS: "I am one of the BMS newcomers, happily discovering all the offered possibilities! The BMS is perfectly designed to welcome the new students, they have helped me with all the bureaucratic steps, all the filling out of forms and queue standings have been over in record time, so nothing else is left to me than to work on my PhD project!”

BMS Phase II student, MSc Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

Joscha Gedicke found making contact with his fellow students quite simple during the introductory seminar and the guided tour of Berlin: “To get to know to each other was very easy due to the intercultural seminar, the first event for the new BMS students this term. The ice was broken within seconds and I learned a lot of interesting things from foreign students about their culture. During the guided Berlin tour I intensified contacts and felt already as part of BMS. “

BMS Phase II student, Diplom HU Berlin, Germany

Laura Hinsch asserts her statement that she is very satisfied with the combination of mathematics and Berlin: “I am particularly glad to have entered BMS for various reasons. I think it is an extraordinary academic environment, broadening your horizon mathematically and personally. When I first arrived in Berlin I was a bit scared of the big city, of the new endeavour, starting my PhD, of all the new people. I found out on the first day that there had been no need for that. The mathematicians from all over the world are as keen to get to know new cultures and persons as I am, the support in everything from the One-Stop-Office is optimal, and the scientific side started well and is on a good way to get better. This is due to contacts beyond the research group, which is facilitated by the BMS Fridays, where you meet students not only from different fields, but also from a neighbouring field at a different institute. So all in all I can hardly imagine a better place to study.”

BMS Phase II student, Diplom Universität Göttingen, Germany and IMPA, Sao Paulo, Brasilia