Valentina from Romania

Valentina Vulcanov,
BMS Phase II student,
came to Berlin as an Erasmus student from Timisora

At the moment I am a Ph.D. student at the BMS but I am also learning German at a course offered at the BMS. One thing about the German educational system is the open connection between students and professors, which makes it easy for international students to feel at home at the BMS. After finishing my bachelor exam in Romania I wanted to improve my knowledge in differential geometry and Ricci flow, so I was recommended by my advisor at my hometown university to apply for a student exchange program with the FU Berlin.

For me the wide selection of lectures, workshops, and study groups on offer from not just one but three mathematics departments made the BMS a place where I wanted to stay after my time as student of the Erasmus student exchange program.

published in October 2007