18/19 February 2013 at the BMS Loft, Urania

Berlin People, Projects, Opportunities


Sunday, 17 February
19:00   Pizza Dinner (organized by BMS students)

Monday, 18 February                                                                                                                  
09:45   Welcome  
10:00   BMS Program and Student Life
11:10   Yuri B. Suris (TU): Variational principles for discrete systems
12:00   Lunch Break / Group Meetings I / Individual Interviews
15:30   Angela Ortega (HU): Abelian varieties and their moduli
16:30   BMS Math Slam
17:30   Reception

Tuesday, 19 February                                                                                                                   
10:00  "What is...?" Seminar
11:10   Tibor Szabó (FU): Positional Games and the Neighborhood Conjecture
12:00   Lunch Break / Group Meetings II / Individual Interviews
15:30   Folkmar Bornemann (TU München): Don't be afraid of the 1001st (numerical) derivative
20:00   Beer Night (organized by BMS students)

Please note, the BMS Days are followed by the BMS Student Conference.